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We can't change the price of fuel, but we can help you spend less on it.

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Thank you for dropping by! We're excited about helping you save money on gas. Fuel prices are on the rise, and we want you to save as much as possible. You can be a better safer driver and save money on gas, how cool is that?!

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cycleGood for the Environment & your wallet.

How would you like to save more money on gas? Every time you put your foot on the gas pedal, every time you brake — your driving habits could be costing you money!

gearWorks on your vehicle.

With new technology you can get fuel savings information into your smartphone straight from your car's computer! Start saving money in a matter of minutes.

graphBe a Better Driver.

You can form better — gas saving — habits, all it takes is a little coaching.

Gain insight into which of your driving habits cost you the most. Learn how to adjust your driving to maximize your fuel efficiency. Reinforce your new habits with friendly reminders.

peopleBe the greenest driver!

Know you need help with your driving? Or have a friend who does? Connect over Twitter and Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your fuel savings.

Save money and the environment

When was the last time you heard those two statements together? Virtually every environmentally friendly product comes with a premium price tag – hybrid cars, all-natural products, carbon offsets – all are good for the environment but you have to make the choice of spending more to make a difference.

Now you don’t have to make that choice.


Why choose us?

Fuel Economy Coach is a unique mobile app that will save you money and is good for the environment too! With its real time feedback and driver coaching you will become a more fuel efficient driver. This is good for your wallet and the earth. Every gallon of gas you save equals real money back to you and less pollutants in the air.

Help us make this app a reality!

Your support is key in helping us realize this project and so that we can give you the biggest savings on fuel. You're busy, but we'd love even a quick Tweet or Like, anything that you can do! Thanks!

How does it work?

Fuel Economy Coach monitors how you are driving by looking at actual vehicle data provided through your car’s existing computer. Just connect your smart phone to your car and start the app. Fuel Economy Coach actively monitors driver inputs like acceleration, braking and idling and makes real time recommendations on how you can change your driving style in order to maximize your car’s fuel efficiency.

While the car is in motion you will see the easily identified coaching icon change color based on your driving performance – green means you are doing well, yellow means you are average and red means you are being inefficient. An audible tone will be played by the app when you are in the red zone as well. This real-time feedback is easy to understand and designed to not distract you from driving. You only need to recognize the color or sound – there is no text to read or buttons to push - so your focus can stay on the road.

Once your trip ends the coaching kicks in. Fuel Economy Coach analyzes the driving data from your car and provides driving tips just for you. Because these tips are specific to you and based on your driving style, they are relevant and actionable. Fuel Economy Coach will literally tell you how to adjust your driving habits to gain better fuel efficiency.

By logging onto the website you can easily track your progress over time as you learn new habits and become a more efficient driver and you can share your results through your favorite social media sites like facebook, twitter and Google+

* Fuel savings are estimates only, based on current government studies. Your results will vary based on many factors including driving conditions, terrain and your baseline efficiency.


Fleet Management

Fuel Economy Coach not only works for individual drivers, but also for vehicle fleets. Imagine increasing the fuel efficiency of 10, 100 or 1,000 vehicles by up to 30% - the financial savings right off your bottom line will be huge!

Our business software will manage the driving data from your entire fleet. You’ll be able to monitor progress by all drivers, see who has the best habits, see who is lagging behind, and see who makes the most improvement. In the world of logistics data is king and the Fuel Economy Coach provides everything you need to know to cut your fuel expenses dramatically.

Government studies show that drivers who maximize their cars fuel efficiency can see up to a 30% increase in fuel economy! That translates to real money and a happy earth.

The real-time driver feedback and individual driver coaching provides your drivers with the tools they need to succeed when it comes to improving fuel efficiency.

* Fuel savings are estimates only, based on current government studies. Your results will vary based on many factors including driving conditions, terrain and your baseline efficiency.